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The Speedy Ortiz interview experience, at least for this interviewer, is very much like their music: challenging. Angular and jarring moments frame and punctuate the more melodic chit-chat. Their approach, from the start is one of neutral restraint. Don’t get me wrong – they’re not impolite, or particularly guarded, but they’re also quite content to […]


Dizzy Gillespie once famously said that he didn’t care much about music, what he cared about were “sounds”. Here at TMO Music we’re not focussed on genres, styles or fashion – we are interested in songs and sounds across the board. You’ll find artist / bands / songwriters in interview, playlists, essays and articles on all sorts of music here.


  • glen and marketa sing heyday
  • Glen Hansard and the Frames play Fitzcarraldo

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