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Situated adjacent to the Crimean Parliament building in Simferopol, the newly rebuilt Cathedral of Saint Alexander Nevsky is a magnificent structure. Gilded onion-domes, Greco-Roman columns and pediments – it looks every bit as classy as a well financed Orthodox cathedral should be. On entering, a question occurs to me, however – why are the icons […]

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Three Monkeys Online has always had a problem in terms of categorising, and nowhere is this more evident than with our current affairs section. Originally, way back in 2004, it was termed ‘politics’, then it moved to ‘current affairs’ for wont of a more inclusive term – but here you’ll find articles and interviews on politics, economics, human rights, feminism, church and state relations, philosophy, and protest. There’s a healthy dose of essays and opinion pieces focused in particular on Irish, Italian, and Spanish politics – as TMO started out as a magazine based in Ireland, Italy, and Spain – but as the magazine has grown, so has our writing base. So, whether you want to call it ‘current affairs’, ‘politics’, ‘alternative culture’ or some other term, we hope you’ll find plenty to interest you here.


  • Mary Beard and Laurie Penny discuss online violence directed towards outspoken women
  • Dave Zirin, author of Brazil's Dance with the Devil, talks about neo-liberalism and the World Cup / Olympics in Brazil
  • The French Face-Veil ban
  • Costas Douzinas - saving the idea of europe

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