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Trento (or Trent in English), is the capital of the Italian Trentino region, in the North-East of the country. It’s a beautiful city built in the Adige river valley, surrounded by the Dolomite mountains, with lakes and vineyards all around. Most famously, perhaps, it was the scene of the Council of Trent between 1545 and 1563, when the Roman Catholic Church spurred on the counter-reformation. Nowadays it is one of Italy’s most prosperous and livable cities, with a population of just 117,307. It’s a bridging point between Italy and Austria (it was part of the Hapsburg empire up until 1919), and you’ll see a strong germanic influence.

  • Piazza Duomo Trento

    Trento’s Piazza Duomo is the buzzing heart of this city, the capital of the Trentino region. Duomo in Italian means Cathedral, and Trento’s Cathedral San Vigilio does indeed dominate the square, but there are lots of things that are equally important and interesting to see in this square. The square from the middle-ages onwards became […]

  • Trento – 10 things to see and do in this Alpine City

    Trento, in Northern Italy has lots going for it – it’s easy to reach from places like Milan, Bologna, Venice or Florence, and yet it’s a world away in many ways. It’s where Italy starts to take on a more Austrian flavour, and is nestled in to the mountains in the Adige river valley. There […]

  • Trento’s Muse Science Museum

    The MUSE science museum in Trento became the innovative answer to one of this Italian city’s biggest problems. It was a huge blow to Trento’s economy, in 2004, when the multi-national tyre manufacterer Michelin decided to close its factory. Many locals were sceptical, though, when the local authorities announced a project to re-develop the site […]

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