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Write for Three Monkeys Online

Three Monkeys Online is constantly looking for new and talented writers, so if you’ve written a piece that you think would be of interest to our readers, please do send it to us for consideration.


What we’re looking for

We’re  open to suggestion, but it’s a good idea to browse through the magazine first to get an idea of material we’ve already published. We love interviews, reviews, and essays – in particular material that doesn’t find a natural home in ‘regular’magazines where the emphasis is constantly on the ‘short ‘n’ snappy’. If in doubt, though, send it in!

What do you get out of it?

Three Monkeys is a small magazine; small in terms of funding, though not in terms of audience – over 2,000 people read the magazine daily and this is a growing number. So, at a basic level we can’t afford to pay for individual articles published. What can we offer you then, as an author?

If you’re a new author to TMO (someone who has had less than five articles published in TMO), we offer:

1) Our editorial assistance. We’ll review your article and work with you to make sure it’s the best that it can be for publication
2)  You’ll get a prominent byline, and a short space at the end of the article to include bio details and your own personal links (facebook, linkedin etc). A large part of TMO’s readership is involved in publishing, journalism, and accademia – publishing on TMO is a great way to build your profile, and to get your work seen by editors, publishers etc.

From 2012 onwards, if you’ve published five or more articles on TMO you can benefit from the following:

1) Your own ad space on your articles. You can sign up to an advertising program like Google’s adsense, and generate automatic ads for your page, or you can actually sell that ad space to specific businesses (as long as they match our advertising terms and conditions)
2) If you write regularly for TMO and your content is popular, we can discuss e-book publication with TMO Books, where the author gets the lion’s share of the profits.


You retain the copyright to your articles, granting TMO a non-exclusive licence to publish online. If you want to publish your article elsewhere, after publication in TMO, that’s your right and perogative. It should be noted, thought, that we rarely publish articles that have already been published online. If you’ve already published your article on various other sites, you’re probably wasting your time sending it in to us.

Book/Film/Music Reviews

We’re particularly interested at the moment in receiving book/film/music reviews. What kind of guidelines do we have? Well, we’re not interested in a synopsis of the plot or a rating level in stars; we are interested in good writing that engages with the book/film/album/song in question.

Does the review have to be of a just released work? No. We’re happy to publish any review that we’ve enjoyed reading – whether it’s for a book published in the 1920’s or an album released last week.

Do you offer review copies? Yes – for regular contributors to TMO. If you have five or more reviews published, we can often organise review copies of books and albums, as well as tickets for film screenings and passes for gigs subject to availability.

Fiction & Poetry

TMO is now also accepting original fiction and poetry for publication. For full details please check our fiction & poetry submissions page