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Ljubljana, with a population of just over 275,000 (Slovenia itself has just over 2 million), is one of Europe’s smallest capital cities, but it’s also one of its greenest, hippest and youngest cities. Ljubljana is surrounded by number of small mountains, and is built around the Ljubljanica River. The city is compact, and easy to walk around, and is bustling with life. Ljubljana castle sits suggestively atop Castle Hill (Grajski grič), adding to the picture-postcard perfection of this amazing city.

We’ve put together a number of articles and travel tips for visiting Ljubljana, which we regularly update here.

  • Unseasonably Speaking – Stefan Zweig, Brexit and the meaning of Europe

    The Austrian novelist Stefan Zweig was once among the most popular and most translated writers in the world. English Heritage’s widely criticised refusal to commemorate his residence in London provides an entry point into a discussion on the role of the intellectual, Brexit, and the meaning of Europe.

  • The Annunciation

    They gave him a sound beating before sending him sprawling out of the dwelling – don’t let me catch you around here again – that was the father, of course. This was the ninth household he’d tried and things could not be going worse. That on top of the nausea and dizziness associated with coming […]

  • Planning a trip to Italy on a budget – tips

    Italy is an amazing country to visit, but it can be expensive – particularly if you’re travelling around from city to city trying to take in all the sites. Planning a trip to Italy on a budget isn’t as difficult as it may seem, though, and we’ve put some of our local writers onto the […]

  • Food Tourism in Italy – A Guide

    Food tourism in Italy is a growing sector, notwithstanding the fact that Italians have been producing some of the best food in the world for centuries. Producing great food is one thing, making it accessible to visitors is another, and for many years it was not necessarily easy to plan your whole Italian holiday around […]

  • 15 Travel Mistakes on a trip to Italy

    Travel mistakes in Italy. Having travelled and lived in Italy for the last twenty years, it’s safe to say I’ve made plenty of these travel mistakes. Italy, on the whole, is one of the easiest and most pleasant countries in Europe to travel to, but there are many common travel mistakes travelling in Italy that […]

  • Looking for cheap flights to Bologna

    What Airlines fly in to Bologna’s Marconi Airport?

    If you’re looking for a cheap flight to Bologna (or a cheap flight to Italy, for that matter), you have plenty of possibilities, as Bologna’s Marconi Airport has expanded greatly over the last ten years. This is in part because of the closer of smaller regional airports, and because Bologna is a strategic location, allowing […]

  • Ronnie Van Zant, George Wallace, and Neil Young

    Sweet Home Alabama – the twists and turns of a contested song

    Great songs rise above ugly intentions, and Sweet Home Alabama deserves to be listened to with a critical and attentive ear. Beneath the redneck rumble and tumbling there’s a slice of American History to be discovered.

  • Choose carefully the date for your travel insurance policy

    Browse through the common complaints received by the insurance regulatory bodies (like the Financial Ombudsman in the UK), and one specific one keeps popping up. A traveller who has taken out insurance for a holiday, including cancellation coverage, cancels their holiday a couple of days before departure – for valid and covered reasons. They submit […]

  • Travel Insurance cover for Terrorist attacks

    Media coverage of terrorist attacks in Europe and America (primarily) have increased the profile, and fear of terrorist attacks for travellers. What does or doesn’t travel insurance typically cover in the event of terrorist attacks? Obviously there are a myriad of travel insurance policies, so there’s no simple answer and you should always check your […]