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  • English Non-conformity and Europe

    English identity sits at the centre of the debate on British membership of the EU, but that identity, moulded by television and the tabloid media has become a surrogate Englishness dominated by pint supping, cricket watching, and endless mugs of tea; an identity shorn of its uncomfortable, radical roots. What, though might the English tradition […]

  • Speedy Ortiz talk pop, poetry, and genre

    The Speedy Ortiz interview experience, at least for this interviewer, is very much like their music: challenging. Angular and jarring moments frame and punctuate the more melodic chit-chat. Their approach, from the start is one of neutral restraint. Don’t get me wrong – they’re not impolite, or particularly guarded, but they’re also quite content to […]

  • Security Lessons from Sucuri 2016 Report

    The online security firm Sucuri have just released their 2016 Q1 Websites Hacked report, which serves really well as a sort of ‘state of the union’ address in terms of website security for small-medium websites. Sucuri specialise in security tools, scanning, and repairing hacked sites, and because of the free tools they provide (like their […]

  • Piazza Duomo Trento

    Trento’s Piazza Duomo is the buzzing heart of this city, the capital of the Trentino region. Duomo in Italian means Cathedral, and Trento’s Cathedral San Vigilio does indeed dominate the square, but there are lots of things that are equally important and interesting to see in this square. The square from the middle-ages onwards became […]

  • Trento – 10 things to see and do in this Alpine City

    Trento, in Northern Italy has lots going for it – it’s easy to reach from places like Milan, Bologna, Venice or Florence, and yet it’s a world away in many ways. It’s where Italy starts to take on a more Austrian flavour, and is nestled in to the mountains in the Adige river valley. There […]

  • Beyoncé’s Lemonade – Ten Articles on Beyoncé that are actually worth reading

    Beyoncé’s Lemonade released initially as a surprise hour long video album, has generated tidal waves ofcommentary, the larger part of it being incredibly shallow. Whether it centered on the Jay-Z infedelity / who is Becky with the good hair themes, or took the format of privileged media figures (most notoriously Piers Morgan) reminding Beyoncé that […]

  • Trento’s Muse Science Museum

    The MUSE science museum in Trento became the innovative answer to one of this Italian city’s biggest problems. It was a huge blow to Trento’s economy, in 2004, when the multi-national tyre manufacterer Michelin decided to close its factory. Many locals were sceptical, though, when the local authorities announced a project to re-develop the site […]

  • Hosting – how important is the location of your server for S.E.O?

    When choosing a hosting account, there are a huge range of providers worldwide, but what effect does it have on search engine optimisation, if you choose a website hosting service with servers in a different country to your main market? Will you rank better in local search if your site is hosted on a server […]

  • Bologna's Jewish Ghetto

    Bologna’s Jewish Ghetto

    Bologna’s Jewish Ghetto is small but a deeply moving place to the traveller visiting this medieval city. At its heart is the Jewish Museum (Museo Ebraico) in Via Valdonica, a small but well curated Museum that documents the history of Jewish life and culture in the region. The Ghetto Ebraico or Jewish Ghetto in Bologna […]