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Racism in Metal – Machinehead speak out

Rob Flynn, lead singer of Machinehead, has posted a video on youtube calling out ex-Pantera singer Phil Anselmo for his public displays of racism, in particular for a chant of ‘White Power’ that he made at the Dimebash – a concert commemorating murdered Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrel

Flynn’s video is a powerful message, suggesting that Anselmo’s racism has been an open secret in Metal Circles, and one that has gone uncommented.

Laughably, at first Anselmo claimed that the chant of ‘White Power’ was down to some backstage joking fuelled by white wine. It’s not the first time that Anselmo has been accused of racism – in March 1995, during a concert in Montreal he made a long, rambling speech about reverse discrimination.

Kudos to Flynn for calling Anselmo out on this, and for starting a very public discussion in the Metal community; it will be interesting to see, though, to what extent ranks close around Anselmo, and, perhaps more importantly, whether any other big names are taken to task (you don’t have to go very far online, to find rumours of at least one major metal band with links to white power movements)…

It should be pointed out that Anselmo has posted a video apologising for his actions.