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The Frames release collection and new song

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Ireland’s biggest and best cult band The Frames celebrate their 25th anniversary with a string of live shows, an album of collected songs, and – most importantly for long time fans – a new song ‘none but i

The Frames have always had a hesitant and wary approach to ‘hit songs’, despite having penned quite a few, so it’s no surprise that Longitude, as the album is titled, is not simply a greatest hits collection. In a posting on the band’s website, Glen Hansard explained how the initial approach to the collection was flawed: “We put together a few different versions, including a certain number of songs from each record and including more popular live and radio songs – but this felt forced and incongruous. After many conversations amongst ourselves we decided it should simply be a collection of our favourite tunes, songs we would be happy to put on a mix-tape for a friend.”

And so there’s a collection with new versions of the classics Revelate and Fitzcarraldo, as well as the new song none but I.

Hansard goes on to say: “It’s a short collection of tunes we are proud of, some in slightly different versions from the original recordings, and one new song. This is not the sum of our career but maybe some of the songs where we felt we had broken through to a new place or gotten better as a band. We hope you like it….we hope you enjoy it.”