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Long-lost Red Hot Chilli Peppers track emerges

For years Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ fans have been talking about important unreleased tracks from sessions that the band did between 1995-1997, as a follow up to the One Hot Minute album. The sessions, with Dave Navarro on guitar, were during a fraught period in the band’s career – commercially succesful (One Hot Minute sold more than 8 million albums), but troubled with addictions; Navarro would leave the band in 1998, officially due to musical differences – but in Scar Tissue, Anthony Kiedis’s biography, it was later suggested his departure was decided after the ex Janes Addiction guitarist turned up to recording under the influence of narcotics, and fell over his own amp.

The pairing of Navarro and The Chilli Peppers was always an intriguing one, and for years fans have wondered about songs recorded in those follow-up sessions. A fan site has quietly posted up one of the most talked about tracks, Circle of Noose on Youtube, and tweeted Navarro a link, to which he responded:

MTV when reporting on Navarro’s departure, back in 98, they mentioned the song

@Navarro’s departure has apparently not discouraged the Chili Peppers from carrying on. The rest of the band is busy working on material for its next album, and, presumably, looking for a new guitarist. Navarro said he has only played on one new RHCP song, “Circle of the Noose,” a tribute to the late qawwali-devotional singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, which he said may or may not appear on the still-untitled and unscheduled Chili Peppers album.”

The Chilli Peppers, who are in the midst of recording a new album with Danger Mouse (due out later this year).