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Editors talk about new album, In Dream

Editors, the platinum selling band from Stafford, have been talking to the press about their new album In DreamThe band’s fifth album, released at the start of October, sees the band head further into an electronic influenced sound – one perhaps at odds with their last album, The Weight of Your Love

Lead singer Tom Smith commented ‘After the last record being more traditional, more a rock record – which I think it had to be, in hindsight because of what we went through with Chris ( Urbanowicz – lead guitarist who left the band before album #4); with two new guys in the band, you have to prove to yourselves that you can be a band. In time I think that record might seem slightly out of place in our catalogue, because this [new] album kind of picks up where our third record left off. There are lots of keyboards, lots of electronic stuff. We’re just kind of having fun, and experimenting really… It was about making an album that maybe we prefer stylistically…  Where this album has gone is probably a bit more representative of our tastes.

This tallies very much with the announcement the band made back in July 2015, when they announced the forthcoming album, saying “Our last record was the sound of us learning to walk again, with new legs! In Dream, our first self produced album, is us diving into the computer, a real studio record, made in isolation by the 5 of us. Can’t wait for you all to hear it“.

The album has been self-produced, with the band decamping to rural Scotland find the space and isolation required to experiment. Elliot Williams, who joined the band after Chris’s departure, talked about the process of recording, and the atmosphere of the album: “You always kind of have, when you’re making any record, a sort of benchmark track that sets the tone. We started working on No Harm (the album’s opening track – with a haunting keyboard riff), and everyone kind of felt ‘wow, this is kind of the direction that we should be heading’ “.

You can listen to the full interview below: