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Fitzcaraldo live in Dingle - videos

The Frames play an acoustic version of Fitzcarraldo , in Dingle, as part of the Irish RTE television series ‘Other Voices Live’

The Frames - including original guitarist Dave Odlum - play an intimate acoustic version of Fitzcarraldo, the title track of their second album, for the Irish music program 'Other Voices'.

Glen Hansard and the Frames have a long history with both Dingle and the innovative program Other Voices (which has produced a number of live albums, and helped break various artists). Hansard hosted the first series of the program (which kicked off with a performance by one of his favourite bands Interference).

The Frames as a band spent time in Dingle writing and recording parts of their classic album For the Birds - in interview with TMO, Hansard talked about writing Santa Maria while looking out over Dingle Harbour

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