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The Late Vic Chestnutt Performs a Tiny Desk Concert - videos

If you’re familiar with the late Vic Chestnutt’s work, then this wonderfully intimate NPR Tiny Desk concert from April 2009 will be a treasure to you. If you’re not – and let’s not forget, that despite the admiration of Kurt Cobain, Michael Stipe, Eddie Vedder and countless others – Chestnutt sold relatively few records during his 16 or so album career – then this is a great introduction to his raw, idiosyncratic, seering songwriting style.

Chestnutt tragically died just months later, in December of 2009 – an apparent suicide. Paralyzed by a car accident at the age of 18, Chestnutt was plagued by financial difficulties and medical bills; his financial situation became particularly cruel in 2009, and faced with legal action over hospital bills it seems he intentionally took an overdose of muscle relaxants. You can find out more about Chestnutt here and here

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