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  • Ljubljana

    Ljubljana is one of Europe's coolest capital cities, famed for its castle, beautiful bridges, vibran
  • Girl on the Corner of Jones and Mason

    As young as you are, light matters still in evening rites mother sing lullabies that taste of herbs a shield glimmering in stars for them light matters still Light on rooftop make asphalt shiver like
  • Special Effects

    And the fireflies wheel lassos around the castle the pine-trees make widescreen, the spaces of adjacent arch and the indeterminacy of summer air whispers Tuareg from its desert sojourn joined dots of
  • Fresh Tortellini

    What to eat in Bologna

    Bologna is without a doubt Italy’s culinary capital – if you’re a foodie, it’s a must on any trip to Italy. Tagliatelle al ragú Perhaps the cities most famous dish, and
  • Bologna – 11 useful travel tips

    So you’re planning a trip to Bologna? We’ve some useful tips for you here, to help you get the most out of your trip. Obviously you should browse through our Bologna Archive, for more arti
  • Milano's Duomo - just over an hour from Bologna

    Bologna – 4 Great day trips to make

    Bologna has plenty of sights to see, things to do, and restaurants to visit, but it’s also increasingly being used by tourists as a base to explore Northern Italy. Indeed with improvements to th
  • The Seven Secrets of Bologna

    Bologna, with its medieval city centre, dark portico galleries, and large student population is the perfect recipe for a mysterious getaway. Any visitor to Bologna who spends any time with the local B
  • 5 Italian Cities to visit in 2015

      If you’ve set your sights on visiting Italy this year, but want to avoid the standard tourist traps of Venice, Florence and Rome, here’s a list of five beautiful and often overlooke
  • Piazza Unita d'Italia

    Trieste – 5 reasons to visit this overlooked historic city

    Trieste, once a major international crossroads, serving as a port for the mighty Hapsburg empire, is today somewhat on the periphery. Most tourists to Italy rarely venture up to that North Eastern Cor
  • Neil Gaiman and the Long Now

    Neil Gaiman recently gave a talk to the Long Now foundation, talking about Stories and how they last. The Long Now foundation was set up to provide a counterpoint to today’s accelerating culture