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Kelis – Friday Fish Fry - videos

Kelis's Friday Fish Fry oozes passion, soul, and perhaps something other than just 'ice cold water'. The track is one of the killer tracks on her superb album Food, produced by TV on The Radio's Dave Sitek (who has worked with and produced a myriad of acts ranging from actress Scarlett Johansson through to Beady Eye or Jane's Addiction)

Food is a special album - it has a real, organic, live rootsy sound, partly, no doubt, because the record evolved in a completely different way to its original plan. In September 2011 a new album by Kelis was being touted, with a number of producers and what Kelis described in an interview as "a real 1990s vibe ... it's kind of trip-hoppish [...] it's more electro, it's a little deeper and darker". At some point in the sessions things changed - fast forward and you have Sitek producing the whole album and Kelis signing to Coldcut's Matt Black and Jonathan More's recod label Ninja Tunes to release Food

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