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  • Ljubljana

    Ljubljana is one of Europe's coolest capital cities, famed for its castle, beautiful bridges, vibran
  • The Piazza del Popolo in Ascoli PIceno

    Ascoli Piceno – A jewel in the Marche

    The city of Ascoli Piceno while easy to reach, is also far enough away from the main attractions of the Marche region to keep it off the general tourist track for many people, which is a shame because
  • Ponte Vecchio Florence

    7 Amazing Bridges to see in Italy

    Speaking about bridges, the Italian writer Erri De Luca, who was himself once a bricklayer said: “The Bridge is the only building work that is generous and social (cordiale). Instead of dividing
  • WordPress tips - speed up plugins

    Simple Word Press Speed Tip: Check your plugins for load time

    One problem many WordPress webmasters run into is site loading times. This isn’t because there’s something particular or inherently slow about WordPress – after all, some of the bigg
  • The Crash : What the Irish Economy has in Common With an Airline Disaster

    In some respects the Euro crisis is like multiple plane crashes occurring at the same time where manufacturing design faults, exceptional conditions, pilot errors and mistakes by air traffic controlle
  • Trentemoller in interview

    Trentemøller – Lost in the music

    TMO interviews Danish songwriter / producer / dj Anders Trentemøller to talk about his latest album, his favourite musicians, and why much of his music seems to veer towards the darker melancholic ed
  • Marina Warner talks about Fairy Tales, the Arabian Nights, and judging the Man Booker International Prize

    Mythography and Enlightenment. An interview with Marina Warner

    Marina Warner speaks to TMO about fairy tales, the paradox of the female voice and why we can never experience the picture of a fairy tale from its text. It was with a mixture of trepidation and a kin
  • Ayn Rand, Laura Riding, Ann Lee

    If a Woman Should Be Messiah

    If a Woman Should Be Messiah If a woman should be Messiah It might not be an impressive drama, It would be but a slight event and unsignaled It could not but be beautiful. And that is about as much as
  • Renzi, Grillo and the European elections

    Renzi, Grillo and the Italian European Elections

    Speaking on a post-election-special of the talk show Ballaró, Giulio Anselmi, the president of the ANSA press agency, was asked what had surprised him most about the European Elections campaign: R
  • Alexis Tsirpas - List Italy

    The Tsipras list in Italy

    It’s a surreal moment, standing in Bologna’s famous Piazza Maggiore at the closing public event for a new Left coalition that hopes to be the big suprise of these European elections. A num