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  • Ljubljana

    Ljubljana is one of Europe's coolest capital cities, famed for its castle, beautiful bridges, vibran
  • Mike Scott and the Waterboys

    Mike Scott of the Waterboys strides politely but purposefully into the interview room. The Waterboys have just played a joyful concert as part of the Italian leg of their Fisherman’s Blues anniv
  • Against Me! transgender dysphoria blues

    Transgender Dysphoria Blues – Against Me!

    Against Me’s Transgender Dysphoria Blues is a bold (and brave) artistic statement, and from the infectious opening drum shuffle and guitars of the title track it’s quickly clear that it ha
  • euromaidan protests in ukraine

    Behind the Euromaidan Protests in Ukraine

    Padraig McGrath, based in the autonomous republic of Crimea, in Ukraine, sends a report about the continuing protest movement in Ukraine. Artur Protsiv says that he misses the Ukranian mafia. He point
  • john grant pale green ghosts

    Pale Green Ghosts – John Grant

    On Pale Green Ghosts John Grant now knows exactly what that voice is and how to use it. Grant doesn’t have to decide between smooth (albeit sinister) folk and dystopian synth. He can damn well use b
  • Elske Rahill Between Dog and Wolf

    Elske Rahill – Between Dog and Wolf

    When Elske Rahill enters the coffee shop two things occur to me as I struggle with the batteries in my dictaphone: First, she is laden with baby-related paraphernalia (baby included) and also that I h
  • Beyonce calls for gender equality

    Beyonce calls for equal pay

    Beyoncé Knowles-Carter divides opinion at the Monkeys, but she gets full marks for using her position and profile to contribute a meaningful, simple and eloquent stance on gender equality in the just
  • On Austerity and Europe – an interview with Paul Murphy M.E.P

    As part of a series of interviews on the theme of the European Union, we talked (via email) to Paul Murphy, Socialist Party MEP for Dublin. Murphy has served in the European Parliament since 2011. He
  • Myles Kennedy of Alterbridge in interview

    Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge talks to TMO

    Alter Bridge, the band that sprang out of the ashes of Creed, have quietly but insistently placed themselves to the forefront of American rock over the course of the last ten years and four albums, cu
  • protestor kissing policeman during Italian no-tav protests

    Italian Protester who kissed Policeman Accused of Sexual Harassment

    It was an iconic moment, when on the 16th of November Nina De Chiffre grasped a young policeman’s head and planted a kiss on his riot helmet during a No Tav protest in the Italian Susa Valley. T