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Conor O’Brien of Villagers sings Raglan Road - videos

A haunting version of Patrick Kavanagh’s Raglan Road, sung by Conor O’Brien of the Mercury Music Prize nominated Villagers.

This is one of my absolute favourites, of the various versions of Patrick Kavanagh's 'On Raglan Road', that we've been collecting here at TMO. Conor O'Brien's voice is truly unique, and in many ways couldn't be further from the traditional standard bearer for this song - the legendary Luke Kelly. Whereas Kelly's determined, melodic yet raspy delivery fits the song like a hand in glove (in deed legend has it that Kavanagh gave him the song in a Dublin pub, having heard the Dubliner sing), O'Brien's gentle and faltering version adds a new perspective to the song; it's as if we're watching different artists, walking with a different gait down that famous Dublin street.

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