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Bologna’s Guglielmo Marconi Airport -Useful Info

From the TMO Bologna City Guide

Bologna’s airport, named after Guglielmo Marconi ( Nobel Prize Winner, and one of the pioneering inventors of modern radios), is just 6km from the city centre, making it very easy to get to and from.

Getting to and from G.Marconi Airport

Aerobus: There is a dedicated bus (Aerobus) that connects Bologna’s airport and train station, which runs between 05.30 and 00.15. The first bus of the day leaves Bologna Centrale train station (stop is in the small piazza directly in front of the main doors), and the last bus of the day leaves the airport at 23.35. Journey time is approx twenty minutes, and the buses run every 11 minutes (between the 07.00 and 21.30). Tickets cost €6 and can be bought online at the official site, or from ticket vending machines at both the airport and the train station. The tickets are also valid on public transport buses for 75 minutes after validation.
Important note The Aeorbus is run by the local transport company, and so if there is industrial action (which can happen quite frequently in Italy), the service can be affected. This generally means a reduced service rather than outright strike. It’s a good idea to check before travelling.

By Taxi: There is a good and efficient taxi service connecting the airport to the city. There are two main companies in Bologna, both are co-operatives and have decent reputations – Catabo +39 051 372727 and Cat Bologna Radio Taxis +39 051 4590. Fares between the city and airport are in and around €15.00 plus 0.50 per bag.

Buses to other cities

There are a number of direct bus connections to other cities from Marconi Airport – though be aware that these are subject to change depending upon season/demand, so do check in advance before organising your trip. At the moment there are connections to Rimini, Florence, Ferrara, Modena and Ravenna. You can find full details at the Marconi Airport site

Marconi Airport Facilities

Marconi Airport has grown considerably in the last ten years – with a number of key carriers using it as a hub (Ryanair in particular). It has a number of decent shops and catering facilities, but do keep in mind that, despite the growth, it’s still a relatively small regional airport. TO give you an idea, there are about 35 shops,

What can you buy at Marconi Airport?

Alongside the normal airport gift products (perfumes, chocolates, drinks etc), at Marconi airport you can buy local Emilia-Romagna food produce, so pasta, cheeses, salamis etc, and there is also a Ferrari shop where you can get gifts for motor enthusiasts! The main shops include Ferrari, Ducati, Armani Jeans, Victoria’s Secret, Kiko. There is a large bookshop (Mondadori), and also a small supermarket.

Eating at Marconi Airport

There are a number of cafe’s and restaurants in Marconi Airport, both before and after the security gates. There is also a VIP and Business Lounge.