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A modest proposal

This Monkey has neither the time nor the inclination to follow up on Berlusconi’s latest gaffs. Given that we’re in an election, they’re bursting forth at an incredible rate.

I couldn’t resist, though, drawing your attention, dear reader, to this letter, sent by blogger Andrea Baldi, in response to one of Berlusconi’s ‘humorous’ pronouncements.

The background: Berlusconi was asked by a young woman working, like many, with a temporary contract, how one could expect to buy a house, raise a family etc in such a position. Berluska’s response – “As a father, I’d advise you to marry Berlusconi’s son, or someone like him, who doesn’t have these kind of problems”.

Baldi’s response:

“Hon. Berlusconi,

Given your position on the theme of non-fixed-term work, permit me to ask for the hand of your Son. I’m not a homosexual, but if that’s the only solution, I’m willing to make the sacrifice.

Kind regards,

Andrea Baldi”