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Slovenia, the small Republic bordering Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary, is one of Europe’s most under-rated travel destinations. Uniquely placed where four different geographical regions meet – the Alps, the Dinaric area, the Pannonian plain and the Mediterranean – Slovenia is a vibrant, young country with spectacular nature, a long history, rich culture, and some of the most enchanting cities in Europe. TMO Travel has put together a number of useful articles and city guides to help you plan a trip to Slovenia.

Cover photo – Bohinj lake, (source Aleš Zdešar / Turizem Bohinj)

  • Ljubljana

    Ljubljana is one of Europe's coolest capital cities, famed for its castle, beautiful bridges, vibran
  • What is Bologna Famous For?

    What is Bologna, Italy best known or famous for?

    Bologna, the capital city of the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy is best known or famous for a number of things. While in America Bologna has become synonymous with Baloney, or a cheap sausage meat, on
  • Perugia - capital of the Umbria Region

    23 of the best places to vacation in Italy Where to go for the best Italian vacation? That’s an almost impossible question to answer, given that Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world (see some of
  • Visiting Italy in July – five things to consider

    Visting Italy in July is a popular time for most tourists (The UK Gov statistics, for example, show that overseas travel peaks in july-sep). There are plenty of pros and cons to visiting Italy in July
  • Trieste’s beaches Trieste is famous for lots of things, but its beaches are not really one of them. The city is, after all, an important industrial port, and the coastline in this part of Italy is largely r
  • Mantua's Bell Tower

    Mantua’s Torre dell’Orologio

    Mantua’s clocktower, or Torre dell’Orologio, located beside the Palazzo della Ragione (in the centrally located Piazze delle Erbe) is an interesting monument in its own right, but primaril
  • When is the best time to visit Mantua?

    One of the common questions that we get, for our Mantua travel guide, is when is the best time to visit the city? It’s a difficult question to answer, because, in general it comes down to person
  • The Palazzo Te, Mantua

    Mantua’s Palazzo Te is one of the must-see sights in this beautiful city. A large sprawling palace, the summer residence of the Gonzaga family, the Palazzo Te is just a short walk from Mantua
  • London Shopping Tips

    Shopping in London. 7 Tips from a personal shopper.

    In 2015 a record breaking 31.5 million people visited London as tourists, and amongst the attractions of museums, monuments, sporting events and entertainment, shopping is without doubt one of the hig
  • Trieste’s Piazza Unità d’Italia If you’re just going to see one place in Trieste, it’s got to be the amazing Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia (formerly know as both Piazza San Pietro and Piazza Grande