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Therapy? – in interview with Three Monkeys Online

Therapy? are one of the best known Irish bands outside of Ireland – yetyou’re kind of overlooked these days in Ireland in terms of media andreputation. Does that piss you off?

What pisses me off is that a lot of the media people we know from wayback and meet regularly but they never want to push or promote the band. Ithink it’s because we didn’t ‘play the game’ and did our own thing…nofree lunches or parties with us, we just dealt with stuff as we saw fitand never kissed any ass.

I’ve just watched the Webcast of the Paradiso show, and it reminded me ofhow good a live band Therapy are.Some would say the constant touring been to the detriment of thestudio work though – woud you agree?

“Some would say..”…is that your opinion? Would you like to clarifywhose opinion that is? Let’s call a spade a spade here! (Fair point – A.L)Anyway, I thinklive and studio are such different scenarios I couldn’t compare them. I’mflattered that people find us better live than on record as usually bandssound cool in the studio but suck live. However I don’t think we’ve everhad a problem writing with the amount of shows we do….9 albums in 13years ain’t too shabby.

What are the records you’re currently listening to?

Wolf-Black Wings, N.E.R.D.-Fly Or Die, Darkest Hour-Hidden Hands Of ASadist Nation, Add N To X-Black Regent 12

Lyrically what inspires you? Music/Books?

That’s Andy’s department(Andy Cairns – singer) so I can’t really elaborate too much….mostlypeople we meet, situations we’re in plus movies and books..Andy’s aprolific reader and usually has a few books on the go at once.

You’ve been doing some DJ spots? Is that something you’d like to continue,or is it a just for laughs type thing?

At the minute it’s just fun for us to play our favourite records reallyloud and see if people dig them. It’s not really ‘crowd pleaser’ stuff butthey’ve all been pretty successful.

Looking through interviews, and the band website – it seems strange, on theone hand there’s been a constant (almost paranoic) tendency to not make thebig Rock album(succesor to Troublegum), and yet at the same time, it seemsthat you’ve dissapointed yourselves as well as your audience with some ofthe albums. Is that a fair comment?

I think every band is disappointed in some way by it’s back catalogue,that’s why we continue and strive to make a better song or album. WithTherapy? we feel it would be a bit silly to ‘remake’ any of ouralbums…it would be a creatively bankrupt exercise to reassemble the sameproducers/engineers and try to record songs ‘in the style of’…For usrecords are a unique snapshot of a band with a certain ability, mindsetand chemistry at that point in time so we just prefer to look to thefuture and see how we can make more exciting music within the Therapy?framework.

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