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Soundgarden reflect on Superunknown - videos

Soundgarden, in an exceptional series of interviews (at the Guitar Center), talk about their individual introductions to music and songwriting, plus the recording of their hugely succesful and influential album Superunknown.

It's interesting to hear that all four members, including drummer Matt Cameron, write songs on guitar - often with alternate tunings.

Superunknown came out in 1994 and saw the band achieve massive success - though they had built up a serious and credible following since their formation around 1984. The album marked a departure in many ways. Talking about the genesis of the album Chris Cornell comments: "We were at a point were we'd made, with Badmotorfinger, a defining album for that early-period Soundgarden thing, and none of us really wanted to repeat it. For keeping us interested we needed to somewhat re-invent it. We didn't sit and, like, have a band meeting and talk about re-inventing ourselves, we just started doing different things."

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