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Mother Falcon in Concert - videos

Mother Falcon, the Austin based group, have become a firm TMO favourite over the last year or so, since we stumbled upon a couple of tunes of theirs on a shared playlist.

The band - although that doesn't really ring true, given that they're an 18 piece group! - cites Beethoven, Shostakovitch, Ravel, Reich, Beirut, Bon Iver, Notorious B.I.G, Rihanna (Just that one song though), and the Strokes as influences.

Mother Falcon began as a jam session among a group of high school cellists eager to break out of the classical repertoire that predominated their musical training. Since then, the band has evolved as an organic collective of classically trained young musicians determined to push their artistry into new musical territory.

In this video, from August 2013, they perform live as a part of the NPR TIny Desk Concert series - becoming, in the process, the shared holders of the record for largest ensemble to cram into the NPR offices, a record shared with fellow Texans The Polyphonic Spree (there must be something in the water...)

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