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Veal cutlets in orange sauce.

Recipe for Veal Cutlets in Orange Sauce – From 'Casalinghe … si diventa!' by Giuliana Tavani, –with the kind permission of Panozzo Editore, Rimini, tried and tested, and translated by Franita in the Kitchen, for Three Monkeys Online.

What you need:

4 veal cutlets
2 oranges
50 gr. butter
½ glass white wine

How you do it:

Lightly salt the cutlets, dust them in flour, then golden them in a non-sticky frying pan, along with a little butter.Add the filtered juice of one orange and let cook for another 5 minutes. Take the meat off the pan and keep it warm. In the pan, add the white wine to thicken the sauce. Finally, off the heat, add in the remaining butter. Adjust the saltness, stir well, pour on the veal once you have transferred them in a serving plate, and decorate with half orange slices.

Franita’s comment:The classical version of this recipe is with a lemon sauce, but I like this sweeter variant from Signora Tavani.

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