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The Louth County Musuem


From the TMO A Dundalk travel guide

Dundalk’s Louth County Museum, in Jocelyn Street is well worth a visit during your trip to Dundalk. The Museum, housed in a restored late 18th century warehouse in the Carroll Centre at Roden Place, Jocelyn Street – Carroll’s Tobacco were once Dundalk’s main employers, and produced one of Ireland’s leading cigarette brands, so the warehouse is an interesting part of Dundalk’s history in and of itself.

The Louth County Museum was opened in 1994 and is one of the main places to start off a visit to County Louth, with its wide and varied collection ranging from stone-age artefacts through to curiosities like Oliver Cromwell’s shaving mirror, or William of Orange’s Jerkin worn at the Battle of the Boyne. There is also a Heinkel bubble car, the only car to be made in Ireland (there were many car assembly plants, but Heinkel was the only car to be fully made in Ireland, in Dundalk).

The Museum also plays host to a number of permanent and temporary exhibitions which have one prizes and awards, documenting life in the county through the prism of agriculture, industry and events like the First World War.

The Museum is open Tues-Saturday, 10.00am to 05.00pm. For admission prices and details of events and exhibitions, you can visit