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Travel Insurance Questions tips and advice from The Travel Monkey

Travel is often risky – that’s in part why it’s so attractive, and why we spend so much time and money planning our trips abroad. Travel insurance is one of those tricky aspects of travel; should you get travel insurance? Is it worth it? What does typical travel insurance cover? The amount of questions that we get, here at TMO, regarding travel insurance, has led us to setup a section of our travel guides specifically dedicated to answering travel insurance questions, giving advice on travel insurance, and sharing tips.

  • Choose carefully the date for your travel insurance policy

    Browse through the common complaints received by the insurance regulatory bodies (like the Financial Ombudsman in the UK), and one specific one keeps popping up. A traveller who has taken out insurance for a holiday, including cancellation coverage, cancels their holiday a couple of days before departure – for valid and covered reasons. They submit […]

  • Travel Insurance cover for Terrorist attacks

    Media coverage of terrorist attacks in Europe and America (primarily) have increased the profile, and fear of terrorist attacks for travellers. What does or doesn’t travel insurance typically cover in the event of terrorist attacks? Obviously there are a myriad of travel insurance policies, so there’s no simple answer and you should always check your […]

  • What different types of travel insurance are available?

    Choosing travel insurance is not for the faint-hearted. There are hundreds of providers, and increasingly numerous types of packages. A lot will depend upon your budget, and the type of things you want to cover against. Be careful when choosing any particular policy, and don’t presume anything (for example, check out these common reasons where […]

  • 10 Common reasons your travel insurance won’t pay for a trip cancellation

    One of the worst experiences any traveller can have is finding that their travel insurance doesn’t cover the particular crisis/cancellation that they’re encountering. In cases like this it feels like you’ve had not just bad luck, but have also wasted money on the travel insurance in the first place. The onus, as always with travel […]