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There’s no news like bad news

Chavez has gone and spoiled it all. He only went and lost the constitutional referendum. Not only that, but he has had the impudence to graciously concede defeat! Dziennik quotes him as saying “We respect the rules of the game. Venezuela is not a dictatorship.” Further, he called on his supporters not to cause disturbances and congratulated his opponents.

However, all is not lost. Dziennik reports that Chavez said “For the time being we have not succeeded.” Sinister, eh? The newspaper calls in some commentators: “According to many observers, he [Chavez] has not given up the fight.” Alas, these many observers remain unnamed. Modesty? Censorship? The newspaper adds that “as of yet” it is not known how Chavez will fight to ensure his socialist revolution does not end with his term of office. It’s all very ominous, isn’t it? Perhaps he will “fight” to keep the revolution alive by eradicating poverty or redistributing wealth. It gets worse (and by “worse” I mean “better”): Chavez has “unambiguously suggested” that life has taught him to forge from failure victory.

Just as it has the framers of the “new” EU constitution.

Dziennik has the decency to twice mention that they mislead the public by reporting Chavez’s victory yesterday. There is no apology, though.

An alternative take on the referendum.


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