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And We’re Surprised They Can’t Calculate Their Losses?

Addressing the unfolding meltdown in the financial industry, a recent cover of Fortune magazine depicted some of the Wall Street head honchos who were forced to fall on their swords. Above the photos of the fallen, the strapline asked “What were they smoking?”

A salacious story in the New York Times on the suspicious death of Seth Tobias, hedge fund manager and regular CNBC talking head, suggests that the distractions facing even a minor master of the universe can go way beyond the occassional befuddling toke:

“[Now] an unfolding drama over Mr. Tobias's estate is providing a lurid account of fast money and faster living in the volatile world of hedge funds. Mr. Tobias's four brothers and Mrs. Tobias are locked in a legal battle over the estate, which is worth at least $25 million.

And, in a civil complaint, they have gone so far as to accuse her of murder. The brothers, Samuel, Spence, Scott and Joshua, claim Mrs. Tobias drugged her husband and lured him into the pool. Bill Ash, a former assistant to Mr. Tobias, said he had told the police that Mrs. Tobias confessed to him that she had cajoled her husband into the water while he was on a cocaine binge with a promise of sex with a male go-go dancer known as Tiger.”

Tiger’s current whereabouts is apparently not known.