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The Lion Tamer

By Malcolm MacClancy

Malcolm Mac Clancy's poetry has most recently appeared in Agenda, The London Magazine and Poetry Ireland Review. He is lyricist with 'Interference', a band described by RTÉ as, “almost mythical, definitely legendary.” Die Welt newspaper described Malcolm as “one of the troubadours of the digital age”.

The Lion-Tamer

Someone said he met his death
Like a lion-tamer
Who decided to tease his animals
Until he could tempt them no longer.
He misconstrued their appetite
And left the circus divided.

Someone called him a ‘Hero’,
Someone else preferred, ‘The Fool’,
A third party argued life was a show
And commended the part he provided.

Whatever the truth of it
He took it with him to the grave.
He left a lesson, nonetheless,
Something we can save:
Survivors are never decided
Between the idiots and the brave.

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