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The Night Porpoise

By Malcolm MacClancy

Malcolm Mac Clancy's poetry has most recently appeared in Agenda, The London Magazine and Poetry Ireland Review. He is lyricist with 'Interference', a band described by RTÉ as, “almost mythical, definitely legendary.” Die Welt newspaper described Malcolm as “one of the troubadours of the digital age”.

The giant porpoise of the sky
Swims over the village after dark.
Moon irradiation renders it invisible
But I can feel the down-draft from its tail-fin
Even on the stillest night.
Every darkness when it is deepest –
Which means closest to us –
I hear it sing distinctly;
Sympathetic; I vibrate –
A leaf of grass in the wind –
So the echo of its tones
In the grove of my loneliness
Lets it know that in companionship
I stand in this garden, as its kin;
That I too hear no answers when I sing.