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The Night Porpoise

By Malcolm MacClancy

The giant porpoise of the sky
Swims over the village after dark.
Moon irradiation renders it invisible
But I can feel the down-draft from its tail-fin
Even on the stillest night.
Every darkness when it is deepest –
Which means closest to us –
I hear it sing distinctly;
Sympathetic; I vibrate –
A leaf of grass in the wind –
So the echo of its tones
In the grove of my loneliness
Lets it know that in companionship
I stand in this garden, as its kin;
That I too hear no answers when I sing.

Malcolm Mac Clancy's poetry has most recently appeared in Agenda, The London Magazine and Poetry Ireland Review. He is lyricist with 'Interference', a band described by RTÉ as, “almost mythical, definitely legendary.” Die Welt newspaper described Malcolm as “one of the troubadours of the digital age”.