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The Dreaded Meeja

In the previous post I mentioned the punishment by the National Commission for Being a Good Little Boy of a TV station for allowing a guest (Kazimiera Szczuka) on a show to mock the voice of a physically handicapped woman. In an admirable display of solidarity, Gazeta Wyborcza printed a trancript of the relevant part of the interview on March 18th, complete with stage directions: “[here Szczuka tries to imitate her high-pitched, prayerful timbre]”. The real name of the National Commission for etc etc is “The National Commission for Radio and Television” – not newspapers. In an interesting parallel with Ireland of years gone by, TV is more jealously guarded (read: “censored”) by the authorities than the press. Whether this is because the press has been tamed or because no one cares what intellectuals who read books and newspapers think I leave up to the reader.

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