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The Best Democracy Money can Buy. Greg Palast in interview.

In one vital matter he doesn't see any difference between the candidates, and that's their willingness, or lack of it, to investigate Saudi Arabia's role in the financing of terrorism. &ldquoOne thing to note is that John Kerry isn't taking a stance on this obvious topic, and it's not like Saudi Arabia has a huge fan base amongst the American electorate. Banging the Saudi's would be a big vote winner, and except for one single time Saudi Arabia hasn't been mentioned. That's because there are so many Democratic party bigwigs who are on the sheik's payroll. They [the Saudis] may have James Baker representing them, but they also have other guys in the Democrats who are on the take. So, if Kerry wins, he's not going to disturb the Sheiks, believe me”.

He believes that come Tuesday John Kerry will win a majority of the votes cast, but he's not so sure that he'll ever be inaugurated. Then again, he's not in the business of predicting the future, as he recounts of the time when he studied under the economist Milton Friedman and his group of acolytes 'the Chicago Boys' : &ldquoVery frankly at the time I didn't take it very seriously. It was a very minority viewpoint, there was only one world leader at the time who took it seriously and that was General Pinochet in Chile. I couldn't have imagined over the horizon Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, and even worse that the Friedman theories would end up ruling both the Democratic party and the Labour party in the U.K. – he laughs – At the time I was undercover because the labour unions wanted to know what was up with these right wing nuts with their theories to conquer the world, and at the time I said ‘don't worry about it. No one will go along with this fruitcake self-serving crap’. That's why I don't predict any more – I'm always wrong!”

And finally what are his plans post-Tuesday? Obviously if George W. Bush wins in anything less than strange circumstances he'll be investigating that, but what if Kerry wins? Without missing a heartbeat – &ldquoI'll move on to investigating John Kerry”.

Eminem’s Mosh Video, inspired by Palast investigations in Florida

Palast’s report on voting irregularities, from

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