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Strozzapreti (Priest-Chokers) from Romagna. Between History, Customs and Recipes.

Sauce with smoked salmon and green beans:

300 gr green beans
200 gr Irish smoked salmon (and I mean Irish, not to be confused with the fluorescent pink one imported from Scandinavia!),
half an onion,
½ glass of white dry wine (the same that you will use to accompany the pasta)
mascarpone, or cream, or simply a couple of spoons of milk to moisten and bond.

Boil the green beans in lightly salted water, but drain them before they loose their crunchiness. In a big pan, lightly fry the onion, finely chopped, and add the beans, cut into 2.5 cm long pieces. Add the white wine and let it evaporate on a moderate heat. Add the mascarpone (or the cream) and let boil for a few minutes. Once the pasta is ready, throw in the salmon cut in little thin stripes and abbondant chopped parsley. Switch the heat off immedialy, otherwise the salmon will loose all its aroma, and dress the pasta directly in the pan.

Sauce with canocchie (mantis shrimps, or crawfish or Scyllarides latus): >

500 gr canocchie
1 glass of dry white wine (again, possibly, the same that you will use to accompany the pasta),
1 shallot,
1 garlic clove,
olive oil,
twenty fresh cherry tomatoes (optional),
1 chilli pepper,
back pepper,

In a pan, fry lightly shallot, garlic and chilli pepper. Add the canocchie (whole if they are small, or chopped if they are bigger, but rigorously with their shell). Add salt and pepper and the wine that you will let evaporate. If you’re going ahead with the tomatoes, this is the time to add them, chopped in halves. After about 10 minutes add the parsley and the pasta, cooked al dente, and mix well.

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