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Strawberry and pear dessert

Another sumptuous dessert to finish off a dinner party. And it's relatively easy to make.

What you need (for two people)

20 juicy strawberries
1 tinned pear
50 gr. chocolate
1 spoon cane sugar
1 spoon lemon juice

How you do it:

Chop the strawberries and season them with sugar and lemon juice. Arrange two quarters of the tinned pear and half the strawberries in each bowl. Put in the fridge for about 20-30 minutes. At the moment of serving, crumble the chocolate in a jug and place this in a pan of boiling water, until the chocolate melts. Pour on the fruit and serve immediately.

Slimmer's version: replace the melted chocolate with yogurt, but – a little concession to sin – sprinkle with chocolate powder and garnish with a dry apricot.

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