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Spicy king prawns (or 'The shrimp, The hot, The pepper')

I grant you: this is a very general title for a recipe, and there are million of variations on the theme, that's why I wanted to add a subtitle. A couple of years ago I had a great and interesting time in Cambodia and amongst temples, mass graves, quaint cities, I visited an out of the way resort called Kep. We spent there 3-4 fantastic days, completely isolated from the rest of the world. We were staying in a tiny guesthouse-cum-restaurant, and we ended up eating with our hosts every night, as there were not many other choices, but more to the point because the food was fresh and simply cooked, in other words, sublime.

The menu was limited, but the English version provided a giggle each night…

What you need (for two people):

8 medium prawns
2 fresh chilly peppers
lemon juice or soy sauce
olive oil, freshly ground coarse salt and black pepper
lemon wedges to serve

How you do it:

You could either barbeque the prawns and season them with a mixture of olive oil, salt, pepper, chilli pepper and lemon juice (some sort of spicy salmoriglio) or stir-fry them in a wok, with oil, soy sauce, chilli pepper.

Either way, all you need to do with the prawns is wash them thoroughly and keep them on the fire for a maximum of 10 minutes.

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