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Six points

Some thing I have thought about, like , in the past fortnight:



  1. 1. The low standard of Irish politicians is merely the product of the low standards of the electorate. From last week’s Western People: “Mayo, it seems, remains loyal and steadfast in it’s [sic] support of the Flynn Dynasty, as Independent Beverly looks odds on, not only to retain her seat in Dáil Eireann, but to increase her share of the vote.”
  2. 2. “Auction politics”, which Seamus Brennan of FF has decried in a classic pot-and-kettle moment, is merely a rational response to the incompetence of the state’s administration. Will the next government fix the health service? Solve gridlock? Will they *!£%! So then, who’s going to cut stamp duty? 
  3. 3. Would the British government’s sang-froid remain intact if speed-boats containing members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard were patrolling “international waters” off the White Cliffs of Dover? 
  4. 4. Books recommended by The Richard and Judy Book Club are not necessarily rubbish. I very belatedly picked up “We Need to Talk About Kevin” by Lionel Shriver in Chapter’s excellent new store on Parnell Street. Shriver delivers a very smart work, although at this stage (page 170) I’m wondering if she’s tipped the balance too blatantly in favour of nature versus nurture by making the eponymous spree-killer such a little demon from the moment he leaves the womb.
  5. 5. RTÉ claims its website, RTÉ.ie, does not receive any funding from the license fee. Considering 99% of the content on RTÉ.ie is provided by license-supported services, isn’t this claim a bit of, er, a lie? 
  6. 6. Finally, did someone in Google consciously decide the take the mickey when configuring the algorithm for these directions (Link via Boing Boing).