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Politics Gets More Interesting (II)

Andrzej Czuma, the new minister for justice here, did not just leave angry creditors behind him in the US. He also tangled with the courts in a number of car accidents. Not to be outdone, the chief of one of the opposition parties, the League of Polish Families – remember them? – has also had a run-in with the law. Mirosław O. (for that is how he must be known) was caught driving while under the influence last week. He has a blog but I won’t give the address for fear that readers might be able to figure out what the “O” stands for and that I might therefore be held liable for breaching his right to privacy. This was the man, by the way, who thought the theory of evolution was a lie.

This frivolity might draw objections – there’s a crisis on, not a circus. Okay, okay, read the papers and marvell over the joke European parliament elections to see who gets to wield the rubber stamp. Will it be Jacek Saryusz-Wolski or Danuta Hübner or Cimosiewicz? And will Radek Sikorski get to be the boss of NATO? I don’t know why we should be so interested in any of these turncoats’ new jobs.

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