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Pasta with wild asparagus and shrimps

April and May are perfect months for wild asparagus [Asparagus acutifolius], the uncultivated type that is hand picked in central and south Italian regions.

What you need (for two people)

200 gr. wild asparagus
100 gr. frozen shrimps
1 garlic clove
1 spoon lemon juice
180 gr. orecchiette
olive oil, salt, black pepper

How you do it:

Rinse the shrimps with hot water. Carefully wash the asparagus, tie them with a rubber band and put in a deep pan with 5 cm water. Steam the tips for 10 minutes. In the meantime, lightly fry the garlic and the shrimps in oil, and keep simmering. Cut off the tails of the asparagus and delicately chop the rest. Add to the shrimps, squeeze in the lemon, season with a pinch of salt and gracefully mix until it's done.

Cook the pasta (I choose orecchiette: fresh pasta from the Apulia region made with wheat flour and water in the typical 'little ear' shape) in abundant, salted water and rinse al dente. Mix with the sauce and sprinkle with crushed black pepper.

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