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Lost Prophets – Start Something

The lads from the valleys are back and how. Lostprophets return to the airway with the follow to the “Fake Sound of Progress Album” “Start Something”

Thankfully there is more to Wales then sheep, rugby and Tom Jones and this album sets out to prove it

It’s hard to find an album in this day and age which doesn’t contain at least one bad track but the ‘prophets have managed to just that. Each track screams “play me again, play me again”

The first single “Burn Burn” will have the heads banging up and down the land. A single for the skateboarder in all of us. Just doesn’t get any better then this.

The opener “We Still Kill the Same Way” tells the listener exactly what he wants to hear, the prophets haven’t gone away and they haven’t changed their ways.

From then on it’s killer track after killer track. Even the more melodic tunes such as “Hello Again” grab you by the throat.

For “Million Miles” Ian puts on his Mike Patten hat which is no bad thing. But the answer phone messages at the end of the track have been done to death before and add nothing to the song.

The title track “Start Something” sees them trying to hard to cross rock with the screaming once reserved for the likes of Massacre and Death. They just about get away with it but it’s a close run thing.

The album has already gone gold in the UK and it’s still selling like hot cakes.

The CD features extras such as interviews, behind the scenes footage etc.

Now go out and buy it.behind the scenes footage etc

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