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Irish politicians worse than Polish?

The Gogarty wave has hit Poland. Naturally it has been shorn of almost all context, leaving Poland with an image of Irish politicians as pugnacious, uncivilised and immature. But it’s much worse than that. Gogarty apologised for saying to his honourable friend “fuck you” one second after saying the words. Later that day he said “I apologise profusely.” You cannot say you apologise profusely. You can only do it (profuseness – profusion: the property of being extremely abundant). Amazingly, what got Gogarty’s goat was accusations of insincerity! Every so-called apology he has made has been followed by a disclaimer along the lines of “but that’s the kind of straight-talking guy I am” or “but you provoked me.” Gogarty had the gall to say that the budget cuts which he and his party, along with the other coalition member, Fianna Fail, are making, were not his fault. Not only does he not understand English; he does not understand democracy. His party (called “the greens”) has been in power since mid-2007 – over a year before the economy collapsed and the banks were bailed out at the expense of the people he claims to represent in parliament. He makes Polish politicians look good.

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