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Garlic Crayfish

You could actually prepare, in the same way, prawns, langoustines, small lobsters, crabs, or any other crustaceans you manage to fish, find at the market, and/or convince your partner to eat! Last week I had some broth left over after preparing some filled peppers, and I used this [I grew up in a family where nothing edible was left unused!]. You can replace this with a tasty vegetable broth, best prepared with a mixture of cube and fresh vegetables.

What you need (for two people as a starter):

8 small and very fresh crayfish
250 ml concentrated vegetable broth
2 cloves
olive oil, salt, freshly ground black pepper
crushed chilly pepper (optional)

How you do it:

Thoroughly wash the fish and trim the 'extra' legs and beard. If any of your guests is particularly squeamish, chop off the heads. If you also cut them lengthwise, they'll be easier to eat.
Chop the garlic and lightly fry it in oil. Throw in the crayfish and let brown for a minute or two. If you have chosen to have it spiced up, you must add the chilli at this point.

Pour the broth and simmer until it thickens. Switch off and serve immediately, with the thickened broth as a sauce.

Yes, it this easy! They're best eaten with your hands, don't be shy…

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