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The following comes in its entirety from Roman Daszczyński’s article in Tuesday’s Gazeta Wyborcza (April 7th). The penalties for drunk-cycling in Poland are extremely harsh. You lose your driving license for one (yes – your car driving licence). There are currently 1,931 cyclists in Polish prisons for drunk-cycling. The maximum prison sentence is twelve months in jail. The average sentence is 11 and a half months. (The average sentence for theft is two years, out of a maximum of ten.) The other surprise – surely even for the hardiest of euro-cynics – is that the anti-cycling campaign is not just the result of a car-obsessed society but because (it is suspected) in order to be accepted into the EU Poland had to show a higher rate of crime detection. The other surprise is that the person who is questioning this absurd law in the Constitutional Tribunal is a judge! Not a critical mass radical, a single mother, or a Dutch exchange student but a judge. A judge doing something useful?

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