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An der Alster – a poem

By Tom Brace

Tom Brace was born in Dublin in 1948. He joined the Irish Army in 1968 and served for 21 years and then entered TCD as a mature student in 1989. He graduated with a degree in english literature and history. He then entered the Irish civil service in the Department of Finance. Recently retired and completed a postgrad M.Phil in Modern Irish History in TCD where he currently acts as a research assistant in the History Department.He is a regular contributor to Three Monkeys Online

Wing beats of a wild duck
Startled by my unlit prescence
Drum into my consciousness
A moment framed in time.

I am again before a dark city lake
On a winter’s evening
Behind me the half-heard sound
Of Hamburg’s traffic.

Before me an emptiness of water
And space, unfilled by you.

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