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An der Alster – a poem

By Tom Brace

Wing beats of a wild duck
Startled by my unlit prescence
Drum into my consciousness
A moment framed in time.

I am again before a dark city lake
On a winter’s evening
Behind me the half-heard sound
Of Hamburg’s traffic.

Before me an emptiness of water
And space, unfilled by you.

Tom Brace was born in Dublin in 1948. He joined the Irish Army in 1968 and served for 21 years and then entered TCD as a mature student in 1989. He graduated with a degree in english literature and history. He then entered the Irish civil service in the Department of Finance. Recently retired and completed a postgrad M.Phil in Modern Irish History in TCD where he currently acts as a research assistant in the History Department.He is a regular contributor to Three Monkeys Online