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10 Magazines to Add to Your Circles on Google+


So, recently I wanted to setup a circle on Google+ to put magazines worth following  in, and it wasn’t as easy as you might think – to find the magazines that are on Google+ that is, not the actual process of putting them in the circle which is a cinch (see the background to Google+ and using circles here)

Part of the problem is that many magazines, for one reason or another, still haven’t set up a profile on the network – TMO is up there, and you can find us here; it’s still a relatively new network, but one that’s obviously growing – and from the point of view of sharing information, stories, links and making new contacts it’s great, so expect the list of magazines with a presence there to grow.

So to help you along, here are ten great magazines that are already up on Google+ (in no particular order!)

Wired Magazine

hardly surprising that the technology magazine would be one of the first magazines to take advantage of the network. Add them to one of your circles to receive news items, and posts that catch the eye of the wired team.
Wired on Google+

The New York Review of Books

Get notified of the latest posts from the New York Review of Books – also get to see who’s in their circles. This is a good tip to find other great resources!
New York Review of Books on Google+

The Huffington Post

There are days we think the Huffington Post is great, and days it seems full of trivial nonsense – for example, checking out their profile at the moment there are posts about twitter censorship, and a Penguin ‘pooping’ on the Kentucky Senate floor. Handy to circle it then, and read it when it’s on the mark.
Huffington Post on Google+

Smashing Magazine

For anyone with an interest in web design this is essential; the German based design magazine is also a great source for tips and news on e-publishing, common web tools (like google docs, for example), and more generally is a good example to watch in terms of how they’re using the new network (it’s not for nothing that more than 6900 people have already added them to their circles)
Smashing Magazine on Google+

The New Yorker

Fairly standard presentation of latest stories and items from the New Yorker, but there’s nothing wrong with that – particularly welcome is the Cartoon of the Day, which suits the Google+ format really well.
The New Yorker on Google+ 

Sideline Magazine

Interesting electro/industrial music magazine, that I chanced upon searching on Google+ – so great use of the new medium, and well worth the plug.
Sideline Magazine on Google+ 

The Bookseller

Books and book news make up a big part of TMO, and so it’s great to keep up with the world of publishing via The Bookseller.
They’re using the format well, not only posting news stories, but also reaching out directly to their readership for views/opinions.
The Bookseller on Google+

The Atlantic

Another good use of the space, with lots of posts, lots of interaction with their readers – I’ve a soft spot for The Atlantic, despite not sharing its political slant much of the time, as it was one of the first magazines I discovered online.
The Atlantic on Google+

London Review of Books

Looking at their profile right now you get a quote from Angela Carter, from the LRB in 1985 (which doesn’t seem that long ago to me, but…) on foodies: “Piggery triumphant has invaded even the pages of the Guardian, hitherto synonymous with non-conformist sobriety”. That’s good enough for me
London Review of Books on Google+ 

Bomb Magazine

New York based literary/art/culture Magazine, founded in 1981, is always a great source of interesting interviews and essays (we’ve often referenced it on TMO). It’s up on Google+, though to be honest it, at the time of writing, hasn’t really posted anything to its profile (and there’s no clear link on its own site), but hopefully if you start adding it to your circles they’ll start developing it a bit more!
Bomb Magazine on Google+

Let us know if you’ve found other good magazines

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