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What do Children Want?

“Lebanese Children want to be Martyrs” is the surprising headline in Friday’s Gazeta Wyborcza. The subhead: “Thousands of children are the victims of Hezbollah’s war with Israel [not Israel’s war on the Lebanon]. In photographs from the Lebanon one sees mostly the dead or those injured after the explosion of bombs. But most of them are those with sick souls.” I don’t recall such sickly moralising accompanying the same newspaper’s publication of a photograph of Israeli children writing messages on the bombs used to kill their Lebanese neighbours.

An article below this one opens with uncritical acceptance of Israel’s stated motivation: “Israeli aeroplanes continue to bomb the Lebanon searching for Hezbollah bases.” Maybe they are indeed using bombs to look for something – I normally look for things with my eyes but that’s just me – but how does GW know that that is actually why Israel is destroying the country’s infrastructure, blowing up children, killing UN observers?

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