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Web hosting is a fundamental part of being online, and it’s one of the biggest challenges for site-owners.
For most businesses and webmasters setting up their own web server is neither practical or cost effective, so they turn to a paid web hosting service. The obvious downside to doing this is that your site is then completely dependent upon that web hosting service working efficiently .

There is fierce competition in the hosting service sector, and so there are loads of different packages set up to suit every budget. Here at TMO we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs with hosting services, so we’ve put together a list of web hosting guides to help you understand what to look for in a web host, and how to avoid falling for some of the sophisticated marketing tricks out there. We’ve researched and published a collection of articles on web hosting, answering common questions about hosting. We hope they’re of use.

  • What is Web Hosting – a simple explanation

    web hosting is one of the first hurdles that a newbie faces when trying to setup a website. The choices and range of hosting packages available are daunting, but like so many things in the web development sphere, sometimes the problem is more immediate; for novices, setting up their first site, they need to understand […]

  • Understanding Negative Web Hosting Reviews

    Reading hosting reviews is one of the first steps to take when deciding on what website hosting service best suits your needs. A lot of positive hosting reviews have an implicit bias, given that many of the sites publishing them have affiliate marketing deals setup – they gain from any referrals made from their site. […]

  • How much does it cost to host a website?

    How much does it cost to host a website? That’s a leading question and one that has a number of answers. It depends very much on what type of website, what type of public, and what kind of budget you have. There are various types of web hosting packages available, each with different cost implications. […]

  • Hosting – how important is the location of your server for S.E.O?

    When choosing a hosting account, there are a huge range of providers worldwide, but what effect does it have on search engine optimisation, if you choose a website hosting service with servers in a different country to your main market? Will you rank better in local search if your site is hosted on a server […]