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Another year, another disaster. I mentioned before how the answers to some mock school exams leaked last year, thus giving pupils ideal preparation for the vicissitudes of life. April 2009 rolls around and – yes – exam answers leaked. I don’t know which subject(s), which paper(s), which precise exams (“gymnazjalne”, I think) and also, in a desperate attempt to limit/extend (I can’t tell which) the damage, all sorts of rumours and counter-rumours are swirling around but the details don’t really matter. The pupils have learned the most important lesson of all: don’t trust adults, particularly not those involved in educating you.

It’s a lesson their teachers should take to heart as well. The following is based on hearsay, so treat with caution: a school teacher friend of mine did a special course in marking the new “gimnazjalne” exams but sometime after he took the course (but before the exams were set) the higher-ups decided to put back the introduction of the new exams two years. For the time being they will take the form of multiple-choice questions, which a computer, or even a department of education specialist can do. It’s not a story I would be interested in following but if I were I would bet that in two years my teacher friend will be required to re-do the special training course.

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