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State and Private Corruption

Dr. Grzegorz Makowski of the Institute for Public Affairs says that corruption is not the gigantic problem in Poland that everyone thinks it is. Among the reasons everyone thinks the problem is so bad is Transparency International. TI was a good idea but later “… TI began to sell it [its corruption index] as a universal measure of corruption. That’s not fair. TI consciously crossed a dangerous border between doing science and doing politics.” How true, how true. So why is it that the subhead of the interview with Makowski reads: “Corruption has been falling for twenty years in Poland. Because it has to – since the state is shrinking… says sociologist Grzegorz Makowski”? This in the same week that the EU fined a cartel of car glass manufacturers 1.38 billion euros for fixing prices, which they appear to have managed to do without state aid.

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