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On Thursday, in the sleepy provincial city of Lublin, things got exciting. A motorist noticed that the driver of a Cherokee jeep (price: around 150,000 zl — you can buy a flat for that) was behaving erratically, weaving all over the road and stopping and starting for no reason. On calling the police he was advised to confiscate the ignition keys next time the jeep stopped at a junction. This he did, only to be threatened with a gun by the drunken driver of the jeep. When the police arrested the drunk and searched his apartment they found, in true journalistic cliched style, a “veritable arsenal” of pistols, machine guns and rifles.

It turned out that the driver was the son of an influential figure in the shadowy world of medicine. And you thought maybe this was the drunken, ill-disciplined 19 year old brat offspring of a gangster and his moll? Oh no. This is Poland. The man in question is doctor “Jacek K.” a 48-year old surgeon in the General Surgery and Transplant Clinic of the Medical Academy of Lublin. His father used to be the head of same clinic.

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