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Scenes from a Spide’s Agoge | a poem by Eamonn Stewart

By Eamonn Stewart

These “suicide-prone” epigones
Gather to drink from The Marian Shrine.
And shout taunts at those
They’ve already insulted online .

They only go mob-handed
At those they have fought,
And are literally better fed than taught.

Trailed-up on the protein-rich diet of kings;
Their mothers’ gave everything
Within and beyond their means.
This Spides’ agoge never seems to end.

Eamonn Stewart was born in Belfast Northern Ireland 1964. Twice overall winner of The Irish Narional Children's Poetry Competition. Trained as advertising photographer. Worked as motion picture camera operator. Diverse magazine publication of poems and photos. Work pro bono as DOP on student/indie films.